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3 Career Advancement Tips

Today, organizations no longer guarantee a lifetime employment. As such, thinking of yourself as a contractor with an amazing portfolio, then a priceless or loyal employee is a call you should make. Advancing your career is the first step toward that collection.

In this article, I give you 3 career advancement tips. However, unless you remember and implement each of them, you will never walk on that path of career success. When reading this, you will realize that most of these tips are common sense, but unless you take the initiative, that is what they will remain- making sense.


Keep an Up-to-Date Resume

First off, your current position in that company is not your greatest gig. You might think that just because you are not hunting for a new job, your resume deserves to grow some cobwebs. Unfortunately, that should not be the case.

A polished resume is as valuable to you at this time in your career as it is when you are up and down hunting for a job. Remember that opportunities knock when least expected. The last thing you want is to sell yourself short, should a manager or a new gig call on you. Instead of scrambling to update it the last minute, keep it on toes now.

Also, you might want a promotion. While everyone around you knows your expertise, the powers that make that “promotion” decision need to see your achievements on paper. Submitting your resume on time is also a significant step towards proving your enthusiasm for the new position.

An up-to-date resume is the closest thing that draws you towards the most awesome gig in your career.


Talk to Your Boss

Most employees waste precious time waiting for their boss to notice their hardwork. What people fail to realize is that managers or administrators are not magicians or mind readers! Unless you make them see your good work, you might as well go unnoticed. The organizations will remain blind to your efforts.

Instead of waiting around waiting to be noticed, why not seize the responsibility of advancing your career? Involve the management in your career advancement goals. You will have to ask for what you need to take your career and skills to the next level.

Charting your own career path is recommended overlying low waiting to stand out. Stand up and take action. Waiting, while hoping for recognition, is a guarantee that the next promotion will pass you over.

Network to Promote Your Brand

I can spend a lifetime insisting on the importance of networking. We have already established that your current job is not your greatest gig. Out there, opportunities await you.

One thing you need know about networking is that they can provide objectives insights you need to evaluate opportunities and problems. Things like trade organizations, alumni associations, continuing education classes, a friend of friends and churches are excellent sources that cultivate friendship with people or colleagues that can help advance your career.

Associating with people already on the know-how is what your job needs today. Job security is never a guarantee, one day you have it, and tomorrow the company is laying down some employees to cut down on cost. Even so, a rock-solid network made up of valuable contacts is priceless no matter the circumstances.


When on the career advancement path, you will momentarily lack confidence. Every time you come face to face with a confidence crisis, fake confidence, and self-motivation until you make it. Self-doubt is like cancer, but positive items can pull out any negativity lying on your way.